Helping our Native Angus herd thrive in our diverse grassland region is one of our main goals. To facilitate the highest efficiency possible for our cattle we utilize rotational grazing. This allows us to ensure even grazing of all grass types, management of trampling grasses/weeds that are not consumed, uniform natural fertilization, and permits the grass to have optimal growth periods. With this sustainable and strategic grazing method we are allowing our herd to get the most nutrients out of the grass, while promoting CO2 sequestration for the soil.

To keep our grass fed grass finished cattle nourished year round we are experimenting with different sustainable farming practices. We are implementing no-till farming to plant cold season perennial grasses. One being bred and developed in Kansas is the Kernza. We also double crop any Kernza fields with clover to maximize the usage of our land. These grasses adds more variety of grasses that our cattle consume and allows us to diversify their cold season grazing.

Through these well maintained, organic and antibiotic free, sustainable practices we are providing extremely high quality beef carcasses that provide higher levels of Omgea-3 fatty acids, CLA’s (Conjugated Linoleic Acid – an essential fatty acid that fights cancer and inhibits body fat), and Vitamins A and E.