We are Native Angus

In 1873 the first Native Angus cattle to America. He heard about the Great Plains in Kansas where the Buffalo roamed. Once he arrived he found the grassland region that had perfectly balanced seasons. He set his roots in Victoria, Kansas just a short distance from our Lava Acres Ranch.

Native Angus are cattle originally from Angus county Scotland. Their genetics can be continuously traced back to the origin of the breed. The way of differentiating in the Angus breed is the term Native bred – They are marked on the pedigree, which means, there are no imported blood lines. They are the blue print of the Angus breed that we know today.

The historic relevance of the Native Angus goes back more than 150 year and is highly evident. With their superior genetics, mid-sized frame, optimal level of efficiency on GRASS, and much higher quality beef carcass. As consumer preferences are shifting toward more health conscious choices; the Native Angus provides a very healthy source of protein.

Lava Acres Ranch Difference


We aim for sustainability. All the grass we use is perennial an free from pesticides.

Rotational Grazing

Rotational grazing practices that don’t require any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

100% Grass Fed & Finished

Our cattle only consume grasses and forages for their entire lives, never anything else.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Our beef is healthy and safe for all ages! The clean meat is easy to digest.

Where the inspiration for Lava Acres Ranch Stems from

Our owner, Alfredo Lopez has been dreaming about having his own cattle ranch for many years. A big reason he wanted to get into grass fed, grass finished, rotational and sustainable grazing, organic, hormone and antibiotics free beef is for his family. Alfredo’s wife, Dr. Claudia Perez-Tamayo, the lead Oncologist for Central Care Cancer Center, has seen how grass fed, grass finished, with no hormones or antibiotics can positively affect the health of her patients. Alfredo’s oldest, Luis, is also a doctor and shares his mother’s belief of what clean food can do for patient health. Victoria, Alfredo’s oldest daughter is the inspiration for partaking in sustainable grazing methods and prioritizing animal health. Lava Acres’ mission is greatly inspired by her. Alfredo’s youngest daughter, Veronica, will join the team when she completes her studies in business, marketing, and international business. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. As a father and an entrepreneur, Alfredo is very proud of his children and the influence they have on Lava Acres Ranch. He hopes to make this a lasting family legacy that they can all be proud of.

Meet Our Team

Lava Acres Ranch is fortunate to have a well versed team!

Alfredo Lopez

Owner & CEO

Alfredo is the owner and dreamer responsible for Lava Acres Ranch. It is with his passion and drive that Native Angus, directly from the 9 Scottish Pedigrees will be raised in Kansas.

Marketing & Development

Lava Acres Ranch has some very skilled Marketing & Development people working hard behind the scenes. Everything from helping working the cattle, to taking photos, to working with Scotland.

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